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Company Information

We strive to inspire players around the world.

Adam Japan is a long-established manufacturer of billiard cues.

Our cue production technology has been handed down for 50 years, and we produce precise and sophisticated cues. We have also been working hard to develop new products.

Production and sales of the high-end model “MUSASHI” started in 2000.

It is now being used by top professionals around the world.

ADAM JAPAN’s Brief History

Cue production

Inheriting the cue manufacturing know-how of Richard Helmstetter, the first president of ADAM JAPAN, we have continued to produce cues of higher quality for 50 years without wavering, using carefully selected wood and outstanding technologies.


The second president, Mutsuo Takahira, built one of the largest cue factories in the world in China. Adam’s technology is living on in cues all over the world.

Also, we invested a lot of effort in research and developed a new bat structure “MUSASHI” in 2000. Together with our own high-tech shaft “A.C.S.S.”, we launched the product.


Saori Sekine, the third generation president of the company, continues to challenge overseas expansion as a Japanese cue maker.

We have branches in Korea, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries.

ADAM JAPAN’s main products

Billiard Cues

  • MUSASHI Inlay
  • MUSASHI Hagi
  • ADAM (Made in Japan)
  • ADAM (Made in China)

Cues, Accessories

  • Break Cue
  • Jump Cues
  • Accessories
  • Cutima (Tap replacement tool)
  • Tap shaper, choke
  • Carbon extension & special weight bolt set

Promotion movie

Seeking Sole Distributors and Dealers(North America)

We are looking for the sole distributor and dealers in North America to market Adam Japan’s billiard cues and accessories.

Sole Distributor

This is an exclusive distributorship for one company in North America. We are looking for a company that can meet the following conditions.

<Contract conditions>

  • Advance payment (to be determined at the time of contract)
  • Minimum annual purchase volume (to be determined at the time of contract)

Active PR activities such as participation in exhibitions and sponsorship of annual tournaments (professional and amateur) are required.


Contract as a distributor to handle Adam Japan products.

<Terms and Conditions>

  • Advance payment of accounts receivable
  • No quota for sales volume, etc.

Active PR activities such as participation in exhibitions and sponsorship of annual tournaments (professional and amateur) are required.

If you have any questions about our distributorship in North America, please contact Li Jia in charge of North America at Adam Japan.

E-mail address:

Company Profile

■Company NameAdam Japan Co., Ltd.
Adam Ltd.
■RepresentativeTakahiro Sekiguchi, Chairman of the Board
■Capital10 million yen (Adam Japan)
■Head Office & Factory744 Shimohirose, Sayama-shi, Saitama, Japan
Phone: 04-2969-6177
Site area 6,544.40㎡
Building area 1,079.13㎡
■Affiliated Company
Dong Guan Tai Chuan Wooden MFG.Co.,Ltd
■Business Descriptions
  • Planning, development, manufacture, sales, import/export of billiard cue sticks.
  • Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, import/export of billiard tables.
  • Sales and import/export of billiard supplies.
  • Management of billiard halls and restaurants.
  • Planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and import/export of wooden toys.

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